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Online Since 1997, Blogging since 1999

My name is Michael Martine. I’ve been making websites and exploring online since 1997. I made my first blog in 1999 with Blogger. It featured bizarre videos from Google Video before YouTube (or embedding) even existed.

I’ve come a long way since then.

Now I help people like you get more sales and more customers with blogging, social media, and Blog SEO (search engine optimization). Blogging has become much, much more than an “online diary.” It’s the number one way for a business to attract and keep customers online.

I do this through the free content on the blog and through paid blog consulting services and information products like training programs and ebooks.

What Really Inspires Me

What turns me on about blogging and internet business is how low the barriers are to entry. Just about anyone with little determination can learn this stuff. And people do. That really inspires me. You can go from zero to hero in a short time. You can supplement or replace your day job income with online income. Helping others accomplish this for themselves and their families is a feeling I always carry with me: it’s the best part about what I do.

What Really Pisses Me Off

Whiners and haters. People who think they’re going to get rich for little to no work. Comic Sans MS. Boring blogs. When people say “I don’t get {insert technology here}” as an excuse not to succeed (hint: if you don’t “get” something, learn about it until you do). People who have an excuse for everything, who choose not to take responsibility for themselves. People who think they’re right, that there’s only one way to be.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Starting to get pissed!

Other Projects

Along with Grant and Clay Griffiths I’m heavily involved in the marketing and documentation for the super-cool Headway Theme for WordPress.

More About Me

I live in Montpelier, Vermont. I love it here. It’s beautiful and down-to-earth. I love the misty woods, the old, old mountains, and the air here smells unbelievably fresh and good. It’s a great place to run an online business.

In addition to general internet, computer, and marketing nerdery, I also love electronic music, reading and writing fantasy & science fiction, Japanese food, and playing WoW.