Open Discussion Thursdays are Back: What are the Demands (and Rewards) of Greatness?

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Welcome back to Open Discussion posts every Thursday! This is something I was writing about to myself in my personal journal (for which I use Penzu, and damn does it rock). As I wrote, it suddenly occurred to me this would be an awesome topic to restart Open Discussion posts.

Greatness is within us all, if we’re brave enough to let it loose, to be controlled by it. Possessed by it.

We have these ideas of things being “greater” or “lesser.” We admire the greater and disparage the lesser. And yet, most of us settle for less. I think it’s because we don’t want to pay the perceived price of greatness. We fear greatness will demand sacrifice and all manner of mysterious hardships, while our current state of “just settling’ is familiar and comfortable enough for us to stay as we are.

Are the rewards of greatness worth its demands? It seems we should know what the demands and the rewards of greatness are, or we can’t answer the question.

What does greatness demand of us? What are its rewards?